Commands Explanations
if!sr <character> <skill record name>
Searches the game database for the particular skill record, if specified. If skill record name is not specified, will print list of skill records of that character.
Example: if!search <asuna> <wise>
if!search <asuna>
if!shop <action>
Available actions: balance / packages / <buy> <package name>
balance will show available Arcana Gems for the user.
packages lists the available Arcana Gem packages for purchases.
buy will 'buy' the package specified by user. No real money is used.
if!gacha <choice> <modifier>
Available choices: single / multi/ stats/ banners
Available modifiers: banner(optional) / user(must be full username)
Simulation of the SAOIF gacha system. single will pull 1 skill record, and multi will pull 11 skill records, similar to how the game works. 250 Arcana Gems will be deducted for single pulls, and 2500 for multi pulls.
if!<action> <user:mention>
Available actions: hug / slap / smug / kiss / pat / poke
Will do the action and ping the user that is mentioned. Note: The user selected must be a mention, or this command will not work.
if![border|grenzpolizei|polizei|police] <action>
Available actions: ban / ignorechannel / ignoremember / kick / setup / warn
ban Grab your hammer and swing it 'round.
ignorechannel Ignore a channel, this is a toggle
ignoremember Ignore a member, this is a toggle
kick Put on your boots and get it dirty.
setup Setup your server for Grenzpolizei
warn Give out a warning


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