Features & Commands

Yui is a bot made to complement the Sword Art online:Integral Factor game. It consists of many features, including:

  • Datamining content: Getting the newest skill record information and assets during maintenance
  • News announcements: Sending new information banners to subscribed servers via if!newssetup
  • Comprehensive Skill Record information lister with if!sr, right down to the actual buff calculations, with multilingual support!
  • Other Game Info (e.g. Ingots, Rings, Equips, Floors, Mob)
  • A fully-featured Summon Simluator (Skill Records only), with steps and guaranteed support

Commands Explanations
if!sr <language: optional> <filter: optional> <skill record name>

  • en
  • ja
  • zh
  • ko
  • skill
  • dagger / bow / etc.
  • awakening
  • burst
  • charge
  • connect
  • mod
  • ring
Searches the game database for the particular skill record, if specified. If skill record name is not specified, will print list of skill records of that character.
Example: if!search asuna wise
if!search asuna
if!ifg <option>
  • shop
  • banners
  • pull

SAOIF Gacha Summon Simulator! Supports single / multi pulls, steps, pity!

shop - Top up arcana gems (no real money is used) for use with Yui's gacha simulation system.
banners - View available banners to pull on.
pull - Pull on previously selected banner.

if!ring <ring name>
Display Ring information, including crafting, fixed bonus, possible random fixed bonuses!
if!eqp <name>
Get equipment information
if!eqp <name>
Search game item, display item image and crafting information (if any!)
if!newssetup <type> <language> <channel>
  • news
  • skills
  • en
  • ja
  • zh
  • ko
  • Discord Channel (mention)
Set up your own discord server to auto-announce new news and skills! Any new banner information / skill information discovered by Yui will automatically be posted to your chosen channel!
Using just if!newssetup will show the currently set channels.

... and more! Use if!help for a full list of available commands!


You can contact me email, or you can also find me on Discord at @nayutakani !

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